‘Case study’ success for client Jo Emerson

Case Study Success for Jo Emerson
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Case Study Success for Jo EmersonJo Emerson makes a splash in this week’s Woman magazine thanks to a clever bit of packaging by Imp Communications, presenting her as a ‘case study’ for a feature on items of sentimental value.
What is a ‘case study?’ In lifestyle journalism at least it is person who provides a real-life example of the theme or trend being covered in the piece. Case study stories are a staple of lifestyle media, and a typical article will feature three or more. Finding the right case studies can be a real challenge, and journalists are always keen to hear from anyone willing to appear in print.

Case study pieces can be a great opportunity for anyone looking for exposure, but the conditions need to be right. It’s great to get your name and picture in a widely ready publication, but the coverage needs to promote your business to have real value.

There was no doubting that coverage in Woman magazine would be hugely valuable for Jo. Selling 241,000 copies from news stands every week, Woman is the 11th biggest print magazine in the UK this year. 75% of its readers are in the ABC1C2 demographic groups, with most readers being women over 35.

Woman were looking for three women to pose with objects that reminded them of a grandparent. We nominated Jo, who wears a ring every day given to her by her grandmother.  Best way to buy Phentermine online http://phentermineonline.org/benefits-of-buying-phentermine-online/.That met the basic requirement for the case study, but we needed to present the story of Jo’s ring in a way that would appeal to Woman readers and help Jo promote her business. Here’s what we wrote:

Jo‘s grandmother died 21 years ago. All of her jewellery was given to Jo‘s mother, but her grandfather held back one particular ring that Jo‘s grandmother had worn every day. It was given to Jo that Christmas and she’s worn it every day since.
Five years ago Jo‘s marriage fell apart and, as a single mum of three, she retrained as a confidence coach so she could teach others how to overcome the fears and anxieties that had always plagued her. Provigil 200 mg for sale http://www.modafinilpill.net/buy-modafinil/. Before her death her grandmother had been a huge source of support and encouragement for Jo, and wearing her ring every day through difficult times was an invaluable source of strength and courage. Jo sees her relationship as an excellent example of strength and empowerment being passed from one woman to another across a generation. Jo‘s eldest daughter will be inheriting the ring in turn.
That did the trick! Jo was invited to London for an all-day photo shoot (with her own personal make-up artist and stylist) and the results appear in this week’s issue.
Crucially, as a confidence coach, Jo’s case study talks about a time in her life when she needed confidence, and the example of confident womanhood her grandmother set for her. It put her coverage squarely on-message, and the editor’s at Woman were kind enough to print a link to Jo’s new online confidence course as well.
Jo has been delighted with her coverage, of course, and we’ve got two more magazine appearances lined up for the coming months (including another case study story). Stay tuned for details!


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