2016 kicks off with a bang at Imp!

Jo Emerson in Prima
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Jo Emerson in PrimaWe began our year with a first week full of coverage here at Imp Towers for clients Jo Emerson, Annette Dolan, and especially MoveGB.

Our client Jo Emerson kicked off the coverage extravaganza with an appearance in Prima on Monday 5 January. With Prima’s massive circulation and influential readership, this was one of our biggest ever media successes to date. Jo appeared in a piece entitled ‘From curveball to comeback’ featuring three women who have bounced back from person crisis to have huge personal success. Wrongly diagnosed with breast cancer, Jo had faced up to several difficult changes her life needed, ultimately leading her to her current career as a life coach. By weaving her business into what was on the surface a personal story, Jo got a massively valuable plug for her business (including a website listing) in one of the UK’s top mags.

Tuesday was followed up by another print triumph: new client Annette Dolan was featured in Woman’s Own talkingAnnette Dolan in Woman's Own about her successful 2015 New Year’s resolution. As Annette’s resolution had been to write a book, and her book, Dyslexia Rules KO! is what Imp Communications is helping her promote, it was a massive win all around.

Wednesday was a case of ‘another day, another national magazine’ as client MoveGB got a mention in top celebrity and lifestyle weekly Heat. Like many magazines, Heat were making predictions for the coming year. A bit of clever PR work in late December got MoveGB listed as an upcoming trend by the influential journalists at Heat!

Thursday was a day off – or was it? Actually we did score some significant coverage but owing to the terms of our contract we can’t mention it here. Sorry. You’ll just have to trust us.

movegb in the debriefBut not to worry, because we landed MoveGB another bit of top coverage on Friday The Debrief! The Debrief may not be in print, but with over 600K monthly visitors we can live with that. Writing about how to strip without embarrassment, journalist Stevie Martin interviewed MoveGB a pole dancing instructor earning the fitness brand a valuable name check.


We can’t promise to go 4 for 5 (or really 5 for 5) every week, but at Imp we do value coverage for our clients above all else and we’re expecting this to become the norm before too long.

Until next time….

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